If you're looking to sell your property, here are the services we are committed to provide you :

  • We will call you promptly to learn more about your property and your needs.
  • We will schedule a meeting so that we can visit the premises and present you with an adequate evaluation of your property’s actual market value based on recently sold comparable properties in your neighborhood.
  • We will inform you of our brokerage fees and justify the costs by outlining the steps we will take to bring your project to fruition.
  • We will recommend the right marketing strategy for the market where your property is located.
  • We will ask you for all the documents pertaining to your property and verify that they are in order and up-to-date and that nothing is missing.
  • We will draw up the brokerage contract and explain each item to make sure that you have clearly understood the obligations of each party.
  • We will have professional photos taken of your property (HD quality).
  • We will be present for all visits unless otherwise agreed.
  • We will send you a weekly follow-up report of all the visits scheduled for the previous week, even if no visits were made during that period, along with comments from potential buyers and their realtors.
  • We will follow up with you within 24 hours of each open house.
  • On a monthly basis, we will keep you informed of all new or recently sold listings similar to your own in the neighbourhood.
  • We will keep you fully informed of real estate market conditions in the area and update you on any factors that could affect or influence your future sale as soon as we obtain that information.
  • As soon as we receive an offer to purchase from a potential buyer, we will present it to you, explain its terms and conditions and help you negotiate any items you are not satisfied with.
  • We will be present during the building inspection whether you are present or not.
  • Following the building inspection, we will explain the buyer’s requests, if any, and recommend contractors as needed (e.g., plumbers, electricians, roofers). If required, we will also negotiate for you any elements of importance that might affect the outcome of the transaction.
  • We will be there with you when you sign the deed of sale at the notary.
  • We will remain available to answer all of your questions following the sale of your property or to recommend any professionals.

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